Spolight: High-Performance Crane Ropes

Cranes are complex, highly-specialized machines. When it comes time to replace the running ropes, you can’t just grab any old thing off the shelf. You’ll need to find a rope for your specific use that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s original specifications. The professionals at WCWR have years of experience with all imaginable types of cranes and manufacturers to do just this.

WCWR‘s tenure and position within the industry have enabled us to cultivate long-lasting relationships with the top vendors and manufacturers specializing in high-performance wire rope. WCWR is pleased to announce an expanded availability of high-performance crane ropes in a multitude of constructions and diameters (standard as well as metric) from the industry-leading manufacturers below.

Check out the links to our vendors’ technical information below. Many ropes are regularly stocked for quick turnaround and minimal downtime.

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Endurance Dyform 34 LR  |  Endurance Dyform 34 LR PI  |  Endurance Dyform 34 LR MAX  |  Endurance Dyform 18  |  Endurance Dyform 18PI  |  Endurance 19  |  Endurance 8 RR  |  Endurance Dyform 6  |  Endurance Dyform 8  |  Endurance Dyform 8 PI  |  Constructex  |  Endurance Dyform 28 HML Max  |  Endurance Dyform 8 Max



Starlift  |  Starlift Plus (Metric Spec.)  |  Starlift Pro  |  Starlift Xtra (Metric Spec.)  |  Eurolift (Metric Spec.)  |  Powerplast  |  Starfit  |  Quadrolift  |  Turboplast  (Metric Spec.) (Video)  |  Duroplast  |  Superplast 8 (Metric Spec.)  |  Superplast 10  |  Superplast 10 MIX  |  Paraplast (Metric Spec.)  |  Ultrafit  |  Parafit (Metric Spec.)  |  Turbolift  |  Superlift  |  Alphalift  |  Betalift  |  Technolift  |  Technolift Plus


Hyfil 6  |  Hyfil 8  |  Hyfil T6  |  Hyfil T8  |  Hyfil 12  |  Hyfil 18  |  Hylift 16



NR Maxipact  |  NR 15 Maxlift  |  Towerlift 15  |  LT 24 K  |  LT 24 C  |  LT 17  |  HD 8K (PPI)  |  HD 9K (PPI)  |  SC8 C  |  DP 8K  |  SC 6 K  |  SC6


Evolution P9  |  Evolution TK16  |  Evolution TK16 Plus  |  Evolution TK17  |  Evolution TK18  |  Execution K3  |  Execution PS 610 F  |  Perfection TK15  |  QS 816 V(G)


Super Flex Pac 19  |  Super Flex Pac 35  |  6-Pac  |  8-Pac  |  Super-Pac  |  Triple-Pac  |  BXL

Spotlight: Hoists

A key advantage WCWR has over the competition is its comprehensive vendor network. These relationships put thousands of SKUs at WCWR Sales Associates’ fingertips, allowing them to find exactly the rope or chain assembly, tool, or specific part to keep your operation running efficiently and safely.

A reliable hoist is an integral part of any construction site or industrial shop. The manufacturers below know their stuff…


cm-logo-web-short         coffing-logo-web-short

WCWR has recently expanded its relationship with CMCO; adding select CM and COFFING hoists as well as trolleys to our inventory, stocking OEM replacement parts, and offering authorized repairs and/or warranty work.



Edwin Harrington introduced a significant improvement to self-sustaining hoists in 1876 with a design innovation based around a worm-gear. Since then, Harrington Hoists has earned a reputation for continuing innovations and consistent quality that their customers rely on to meet diverse requirements. Harrington Hoists is based in Mannheim, PA.

HIT Tools Logo Web Short

HIT has been making professional tools in Japan since 1937. At first, HIT only manufactured adjustable wrenches and bolt cutters. Today, HIT carries over 1400 products and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional-quality manual chain hoists, bolt cutters, cable cutters, wire rope cutters, rebar cutters, pipe wrenches, and many other tools.


Ingersoll Rand hoists have been providing lifting solutions to industries around the globe since the early 1900’s with capacities ranging from 1/8 through 100 tons. IR offers hoists for high-speed production applications, food grade applications, and for the harsh environments found in mines, shipyards, power plants, cement plants, refineries and onshore and offshore drilling and production platforms.

JD Neuhaus Logo Web Short

JDN hoists are used in applications covering over 70 different industries and 90 countries. All JDN hoists and cranes have been made in Germany since 1745 (270 years!). These hoists are used in the Arctic, underwater, and other trying environments.

WCWR & CROSBY: Partners on the West Coast


WCWR is extremely fortunate to have developed strong relationships with a variety of industry leading vendors and manufacturers. One such leader is Crosby.

A wide variety of Crosby parts are stocked across our three West Coast locations. Give us a call and place your order today!

Snatch Blocks (Swivel Hook, Swivel Shackle, Tailboard) | Shackles (Anchor, Screw Pin Anchor, Round Pin Anchor, Wide Body) Galvanized Clips | Fist Grips | Sleeves (Carbon Steel Duplex and Carbon Steel Flemish)Weld-on Pivot Links | Eye Bolts (Shoulder, Shoulder Ring, Screw Eye, Regular)Galvanized Weldless End Links | Galvanized Eye Nuts | Carbon Shank Hooks | Grab Hooks (Clevis and Grab)Clevis Slip Hooks | Sorting Hooks | Sling Hooks (Clevis and Sliding)Clevis Shurlock Hooks | Hoist Hooks (Alloy Eye, Alloy Swivel, Carbon Eye)Coupling Hooks | Jam Nuts | Load Binders | Latch Kits | Master Links | Overhaul Balls | Sling Links | Ferrules | Subassemblies | McKissick Crane Blocks | Sockets (Spelter, Swaged, Wedge)Super Terminator Wedge Kits | Swivels | Turnbuckles | Thimbles (Wire Rope, Galvanized, Pattern)WIRELOK Socket Compound

Do you need something from Crosby that isn’t listed above? Just because we don’t stock something doesn’t mean that we can’t get it to you in a timely manner. Let us know!

G209 Screw Pin Shackle

WCWR Seattle Hosts Vendor Training Event

In March of 2013, our Seattle Sales team hosted representatives from 12 WCWR vendors providing attendees an opportunity to learn about new products and discuss work related questions and solutions directly with the company spokespeople. Sun and comfortable temperatures welcomed everyone in attendance each day, but the main draw was our full slate of classes (some of them standing-room only) ranging from proper inspection of rigging to advances in hardware. All registered attendees received continuing education certifications at the end of each class.

By the end of the day on the 17th, we had received enough feedback from those attending that our first ever Vendor Training Event was deemed a success.

WCWR plans to hold events like this on a semi-regular basis and want to expand them to our Portland and Oakland branches in the future. If you are interested in attending a future training event like this, give your WCWR Sales Representative a call and let them know!

Spotlight: Chant Pull Test Bed

WCWR‘s 180-foot Chant test bed is configured in a modular format to allow for future expansion, should the need arise. A dual-cylinder arrangement allows for delicate, more precise testing down to 5000 pounds or larger tests up to 500,000 pounds.

It’s the nature of our industry that some of our customers will have specific requirements that a standard test bed just can’t handle. It is for this reason, we had our bed custom built with a five-foot-wide bed and removable decking that can handle oversized blocks or spreader bars.

Chant also tailored their testing software on this bed to our requests. This software allows us to create and deliver official test certificates as well as program intricate tests that meet our customers specifications. Having the test data recorded electronically gives us the ability to directly upload the test certificate to our RFID inspection tracking system “Field ID”.

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the company’s largest, heaviest, and black-and-yellowist rigging tool, what can we test for you?





RAIL-CO: Residential Deck

RAIL-CO, our architectural railing division, specializes in stainless steel railing systems for both residential and commercial applications as well as barrier strand systems used in construction projects.

If there was one thing that separates RAIL-CO from the other railing shops, it would be our ability to look at your project through almost 60 years of wire rope and rigging experience. To put it another way; we’re able to ‘talk shop’ with all kinds of customers… From a homeowner wanting to complete their DIY patio project to the downtown architect looking for the small details to set their plans above the others, we’re ready to help.

The images below are from a Puget Sound homeowner’s deck project that was completed recently. The homeowner purchased the stainless steel cable and fittings from RAIL-CO and rented the equipment to perform all the cutting and fitting swaging on-site.

  • DSC00515
  • DSC00517
  • DSC00520
  • DSC00530
  • DSC00536
  • DSC00537
  • DSC00538
  • DSC00539

Projects like this highlight the unique look of wire rope railings look in all sorts of settings It also shows how easy it is to install a great looking project yourself.
Want more information? Shoot us an E-mail, or call us toll-free at 800.275.0482.

M/V Kennicott Helipad Webbing

The M/V Kennicott is a mainline ferry vessel in Alaska’s Marine Highway System that operates in the Gulf of Alaska. The synthetic protective webbing that surrounded the ferry’s helipad had deteriorated to such an extent that replacement was necessary. Stainless steel wire rope and hardware was chosen for the replacement work due to its ability to stand up to the harsh saltwater environment.
WCWR was chosen to perform the refitting work due to our expertise with stainless steel cable and its associated hardware. Work was carried out in Cascade General Inc.’s yard in Portland, OR.
Due to the irregular shape of the webbing segments, precise measurements were vital to ensure an accurate fit and appropriate deflection in the belly of each net.
Over 2700 sets of stamped “cross-over” stainless steel safety net clips and 2100 feet of 1/4 inch 7×9 stainless steel cable were used to make the stainless steel webbing, and 640 1/4 inch stainless steel one-piece duplex sleeves were swaged onto cable to create the perimeter cable for each segment.

  • MV Kennicott 03 web
  • MV Kennicott Before 05 web
  • MV Kennicott After 03 web
  • MV Kennicott After 04 web
  • MV Kennicott Before 01 web
  • MV Kennicott Before 02 web
  • MV Kennicott Before 03 web
  • MV Kennicott Before 04 web

Evergreen Aviation Museum

In April 2008, West Coast Wire Rope began work on the new Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. This job required the fabrication of stainless steel cable assemblies to suspend airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, and satellites from the museum ceiling. West Coast delivered a swaging machine and generator to the site to custom fabricate wire to meet the customer’s immediate needs. Cables were specially designed based on the technical information provided including size, weight, hanging angles, etc. To ensure the safety of individuals, equipment, and museum artifacts, West Coast provided nylon straps to safely lift aircraft and other objects from the floor to the ceiling while the cable assemblies were properly installed and secured. The project was completed in December 2008.

Visit the Evergreen Aviation Museum Website: Here

  • Evergreen Aviation Museum
  • Evergreen Aviation Museum
  • Evergreen Aviation Museum
  • Evergreen Aviation Museum
  • Evergreen Aviation Museum
  • Evergreen Aviation Museum
  • Evergreen Aviation Museum