WCWR Break Test Machines


In 2011, WCWR expanded its pull-testing capabilities by adding a brand new Chant Engineering test bed. This modular bed has the ability to be extended from its 180 foot length should a future need arise.

This Chant bed easily performs Proof Load testing, Destructive (Break) testing, Cycle testing, Pre-stretching, and long-term Fatigue testing at any specific load from 5000 to 500,000 pounds. Using Chant’s DataTest software, tailoring a test to meet your custom needs is a snap. After completion of any test, a certification with graphic representation of the load(s) is available for record keeping.

By adding this bed to the existing beds in Portland, Seattle, and Oakland, WCWR‘s flexibility and efficiency was significantly increased. WCWR is now uniquely positioned to handle most needs with testing capacity up to 1.2 million pounds.

The experienced WCWR team loves a challenge. If you are in a bind, need a specific test, or have further questions about our test bed capabilities, please contact the pull-testing specialists at your local WCWR location.