About Us

About Our Company

West Coast Wire Rope is one of the premier distributors of wire rope, rigging gear, fall protection, and their associated services. For nearly 60 years, we have been meeting industry needs with uncompromising dedication to customer service and quality. With our technically trained sales staff, strategically located, full-service rigging fabrication facilities, and fully-stocked warehouses, we can serve your needs anywhere in the world.

WCWR was founded in 1956 by Don ‘Newt’ Newton. In WWII, Newton served as a sailor aboard an ammunition ship and sailed all over the globe supporting the war effort. Between ship deployments he worked as a lead rigger in logging and construction camps throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. After the war ended, Newton partnered with Northwest Wire Rope Company, a well-known rigging shop, between 1950 and 1955. In 1956, Newton opened up his own company, West Coast Wire Rope. This new company specialized in wholesale and retail sales as well as rigging fabrication for the logging, construction, and marine industries. In 1959 WCWR bought out Northwest Wire Rope. What had started out as one small outfit in Oakland, CA had grown to three locations by 1964, serving the entire West Coast. WCWR is proud of this history and by continuing to serve as a leader in our industry, we plan on adding to our rich legacy for many years to come

Letter From The CEO

To Our Customers,

Setting-an-Eye-in-Big-Rope-WebFor nearly 60 years, West Coast Wire Rope has been committed to providing the highest level of customer service and rigging products available. We pride ourselves on the care we take in meeting the needs of our customers and the high product safety and quality standards we maintain. Thank you for trusting West Coast with all your rigging needs. We value our customers and look forward to our continued partnership.


Karen Newton

Doc Bailey Construction Equipment Inc has had the pleasure of working with the staff of West Coast Wire Rope for over ten years. The staff as well as the available inventory has always satisfied our needs. Keep up the good work.

Doc Bailey
CEO, Doc Bailey Construction Equipment Inc.