WCWR & CROSBY: Partners on the West Coast


WCWR is extremely fortunate to have developed strong relationships with a variety of industry leading vendors and manufacturers. One such leader is Crosby.

A wide variety of Crosby parts are stocked across our three West Coast locations. Give us a call and place your order today!

Snatch Blocks (Swivel Hook, Swivel Shackle, Tailboard) | Shackles (Anchor, Screw Pin Anchor, Round Pin Anchor, Wide Body) Galvanized Clips | Fist Grips | Sleeves (Carbon Steel Duplex and Carbon Steel Flemish)Weld-on Pivot Links | Eye Bolts (Shoulder, Shoulder Ring, Screw Eye, Regular)Galvanized Weldless End Links | Galvanized Eye Nuts | Carbon Shank Hooks | Grab Hooks (Clevis and Grab)Clevis Slip Hooks | Sorting Hooks | Sling Hooks (Clevis and Sliding)Clevis Shurlock Hooks | Hoist Hooks (Alloy Eye, Alloy Swivel, Carbon Eye)Coupling Hooks | Jam Nuts | Load Binders | Latch Kits | Master Links | Overhaul Balls | Sling Links | Ferrules | Subassemblies | McKissick Crane Blocks | Sockets (Spelter, Swaged, Wedge)Super Terminator Wedge Kits | Swivels | Turnbuckles | Thimbles (Wire Rope, Galvanized, Pattern)WIRELOK Socket Compound

Do you need something from Crosby that isn’t listed above? Just because we don’t stock something doesn’t mean that we can’t get it to you in a timely manner. Let us know!

G209 Screw Pin Shackle