Spotlight: Hoists

A key advantage WCWR has over the competition is its comprehensive vendor network. These relationships put thousands of SKUs at WCWR Sales Associates’ fingertips, allowing them to find exactly the rope or chain assembly, tool, or specific part to keep your operation running efficiently and safely.

A reliable hoist is an integral part of any construction site or industrial shop. The manufacturers below know their stuff…


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WCWR has recently expanded its relationship with CMCO; adding select CM and COFFING hoists as well as trolleys to our inventory, stocking OEM replacement parts, and offering authorized repairs and/or warranty work.



Edwin Harrington introduced a significant improvement to self-sustaining hoists in 1876 with a design innovation based around a worm-gear. Since then, Harrington Hoists has earned a reputation for continuing innovations and consistent quality that their customers rely on to meet diverse requirements. Harrington Hoists is based in Mannheim, PA.

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HIT has been making professional tools in Japan since 1937. At first, HIT only manufactured adjustable wrenches and bolt cutters. Today, HIT carries over 1400 products and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional-quality manual chain hoists, bolt cutters, cable cutters, wire rope cutters, rebar cutters, pipe wrenches, and many other tools.


Ingersoll Rand hoists have been providing lifting solutions to industries around the globe since the early 1900’s with capacities ranging from 1/8 through 100 tons. IR offers hoists for high-speed production applications, food grade applications, and for the harsh environments found in mines, shipyards, power plants, cement plants, refineries and onshore and offshore drilling and production platforms.

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JDN hoists are used in applications covering over 70 different industries and 90 countries. All JDN hoists and cranes have been made in Germany since 1745 (270 years!). These hoists are used in the Arctic, underwater, and other trying environments.